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FREE loft insulation

Reduce the cost of heating your home with FREE Loft Insulation – it is a very simple process, our experienced fitters will simply roll out a thick mineral fibre material in your loft. This keeps your house warmer and you spend less on heating it.

Insulating your loft can help your home keep heat in, making it feel warmer and more comfortable plus you could save on your energy bills year on year.

Dependent on your property and your income you could qualify to get Loft Insulation completely free or highly subsidised through Government backed incentives and grants.

Even if you have been turned down in the past for ECO grants, the rules for grant funding have changed significantly in 2017 and then again in 2018, which may mean that you qualify now.


Who funds the scheme?

The scheme is funded by the Big Six energy companies and, as well as helping you keep your home warm, it helps the government meet its energy saving targets. Improving home insulation for low income households also helps to reduce the amount of wasted energy from heat that escapes through roofs and walls. This should reduce the impact your heating has on the environment and lower your bills.

Are there any costs involved?

Even with a grant, the loft insulation isn’t guaranteed to be free. While in some cases you can get a 100% grant making it completely cost free, you may have to make a contribution towards the cost of the work. It’s also important to note that because it’s a grant you would never pay a penny of it back.

How much can I save?

Heat from your home can escape through the walls, through poorly fitting window seals and about a quarter of all heat gets lost through the roof. So it’s a no brainer – insulate your attic and you could significantly reduce your heating bill. In fact, the Energy Saving Trust estimates that the average detached house in the UK could save around £250 per year.

Loft insulation materials are more efficient and compact than ever so you can still use your attic space for storage if you want to. The loft insulation material will be packed above and in the spaces between the loft joists to create a heat bridge, effectively keeping a lot more of the heat in your home.

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